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Re introduce myself


2021-05-09 7:42 PM

Managing Drinking Community


Passport for success??

Little louie

2021-05-07 10:28 PM

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Quit date in T-4 hours

Ashley -> Health Educator

2021-05-04 2:20 PM

Quit Smoking Community


How to be social without alcohol


2021-05-02 6:19 PM

Managing Drinking Community

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Feel like I made a fool of myself!

12 years ago 0 Diva2 538 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Thank you for you guys advice! I really appreciate it and you are right take the positive and learn for the rest! I did have a good work day after all once I calmed down. And well I am back at work and hoping to do well today too. Thanks a gain!
12 years ago 0 Evolution 3043 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Wildcat just gave you some excellent advice, and I completely agree. I understand how you felt anxious, and I understand how you felt around the gentleman! However, the moment has passed, and there is no way to change it, but what you can do is learn from it. Take from it what you want to improve upon, and work on that. I know you have so many great qualities about you, so build upon those, and upon your strengths.
I hope you had a good rest of your day at work.
Let us know how you are doing,
12 years ago 0 Evolution 3043 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
you are so lucky to have a mom who can give you a hand and who looks out for you.  My mom is sweet but is mentally deficient and works on an 11 to 16 yr old's level.  -lots of adolecent behavior and very ego centered- You seem to have the right attitude and a great relationship with her.
A friend once told me ... it is not because we are on a diet that we cannot look at the menu once in a while.  So even if we are in a serious relationship and all is well, we can take a moment to appreciate a person who takes care of themself and who has a pleasant look.   I am sure you were not trying to come-up with a plan to back him into a quiet corner and rape the poor-gentleman .  I am sure it felt good to have this intelligent good looking man all to your attention for a moment.  You have a big day alone full of work and the prospect seemed to have made you irritable from the start of your day.
I can see that anxiety would have been triggered.  There was a whole mess of emotions in the situation.  Take a deep breath. Get oxygene to the brain.  And then think it out with a piece of paper. What made you uncomfortable? What was pleasant? What did you want to change?    OKAY the 5 minutes are up!  finished!  Let it go!    It happened. And now there is no way to time travel and make the encounter PERFECT.  Let it go!  You dripped water on the counter after washing your hands this morning ... and you are not worrying about that now.  You are not worrying about the tone of voice you used to say good-bye to your cheri this morning ....  Let the encounter be.  It occured, you cannot change it, so extract the good ... you a good/pleasant person that the teacher spoke to for a moment ...  and let it go.
12 years ago 0 Diva2 538 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
Didn't know where to post this...I really feel like a dumb twit right now. I feel like I made a huge fool of myself. It started this morning. Got up early and had a good breakfast with mom and hubby. Hubby was great and made a wonderful breakfast. But for some odd reason was feeling on edge and kept feeling uptight around both of them. I kept almost picking fights or feeling slighted by anything they said.
So then off to work. My mom drives me to where I work and helps me up to my office as I had tons of boxes and bags full of articles to bring back to my office. anyway, then she notices it is pretty empty and starts worrying. Then one of my teachers walks in and I introduce them since it is the nice polite thing to do. Then my mom starts asking if he will be around cause she doesn't hink I am safe in the empty building. and I felt so embarassed like I was six. But I am not mad at her. She is my mom. and she does everything to help me always and she loves me. and after all, it won't matter how old I get I will always be her little girl! Especially since I am the baby of the family! But still I felt like I would die!
Then to make it worse after my mom leaves I chat with that teacher and then I say all the wrong things! Now I know my anxiety issues came into play here. I mean for sure! I was already so anxious and nervous for the mom thing! I was just babbling and stupid and I kept thinking: "Just stop taling now and walk away!". Ah man I feel stupid. I felt so akward (sp?). On top of it I often feel a bit silly around that teacher because well, to be honest, he is around my age as I am an older student and he is totally cute which is bad for my IQ when around him. I always was akward around cute men...And yeah I know I am married and anyway I would not hit on a teacher that is just bad judgement but I still get silly around him. /sigh. I wish I could be more socially graceful! Man I made a total fool of myself today. And now I just feel sad and tired and anxious and down on myself and I still need to pull myself together and do hours of work!
Which reminds me! Off to work!

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