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Quit date in T-4 hours


2021-04-19 9:34 AM

Quit Smoking Community


Wheel of Emotions

Ashley -> Health Educator

2021-04-14 1:25 PM

Depression Community


13 Years today!!


2021-04-09 12:23 PM

Quit Smoking Community


Downward spiral

Ashley -> Health Educator

2021-04-07 6:22 PM

Depression Community

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New PC Team Member!

Hi All! Thank you for welcoming me into the support group. I look forward to getting more familiar with all of the members and providing support during your journey through the program. Brenna Bilingual Health Educator
New here also

Hi Anderson, Welcome to the Panic Center! Thanks for telling us a little bit about yourself. We strongly encourage you to work through the programs and to come and post frequently. Brenna, Bilingual Support Specialist
I'm confused re Diary Entry for today

Shrug, I would suggest filling it in with how you felt when you were first facing the thoughts. Make sure you note how you are feeling now and how you dealth with your anxiety. Brenna, Bilingual Support Specialist

Jo, We're sorry to hear about your husbands father. It is hard to go into hospitals so you must prepare yourself for it. Think about what it is that makes you anxious and challenge those thoughts when you are there. You should also try to call your doctor or read a little bit about what exacly will happen in your eye appt. This way you can also start to prepare fo it. Brenna, Bilingual Support Specialist
Hi and I am having attack now

Gabs, Everything you are describing is the physical sensations of a panic attack. Learn what is triggering these and challenge those thoughts. You have to break the thought process and convince yourself that this is just a panic attack and the physical symptomes will fade away. Focus on your breating, place a hand on your stomach, inhale through your nose and exale through your mouth. This should help to calm you down a little bit. Keep working through the program, session 3 and 4 will help you work through these attacks. Brenna, Bilingual Support Specialist
Having a rough time of it lately...

Diva, You got some great advice from Maria. Breaking down the task into small managable steps helps to make the task seem more realistic. Also, maybe you can go and talk to your advisor and ask them for some guidance about where and how to start writing. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments, you are doing a lot and it is fine to say no to people if you can't manage. Brenna, Bilingual Support Specialist
Eating... appetite

Wepp, Congratulations on challenging those negative thoughts and making it work successfully everyday! These may seem like small accomplishments but they are huge successes when having difficulty with agoraphobia. Loss of appetite is associated to panic and anxiety. You got some great tips from other members. You could also try to drink things if you have no appetite to chew. For example, you could try yogurt drinks, or smoothies or soup. Sometimes really bland food is also easier to swallow, like toasted bread without butter or plain white rice. Brenna, Bilingual Support Specialist
Hi everyone, new guy here!

Spotlessmind, Welcome to our support center and thanks for sharing your story with us. You will find some great memebers here and they love to help out and offer support. Also, please use all of the lessons and tools that we provide to help you with your panic. It is managable without medicine it will just take a lot of work on your part. Feel free to ask questions, share your stories or comment on others posts. Brenna, Bilingual Support Specialist
intolerance to medication; crippling anxiety

Shalford, You have got a lot on your plate, don't hesitate to ask for help if you need it. Try to document when and why you get the panic attacks so that you can learn some coping techniques for when they start to come again. It is normal to have good and bad days and that is why we are here. Lets here from our members what kind of suggestions they have about some treatment methods they have tried. Also, make it clear to your doctor about you past medical history and what your oncologist has told you so that he knows how you are reacting to the medications. Brenna, Bilingual Support Specialist
How do I handle everything

Jo, Thanks for the update about your trip to the hospital, we are happy to hear that you appointment went well. The feelings that you are experiencing about your father in law are normal. It is scary to see someone in that condition. You are doing very well at being strong for your husband. Keep working on some coping mecanisms to help with your visits. Brenna, Bilingual Support Specialist