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Summer Time Tips

Here are some tips that will help you have a great summer:
1. Create and stick to a summer routine as much as possible
It is important to have a routine even during the summer. While it may not be as consistent because of vacation and travel, it’s important to maintain structure and routine.

2. Prepare for changes
Talk about changes in routine with loved ones. Remind them of any upcoming events that you will participating in and keep a schedule.

3. Get involved in activities
Locate programs in your area offering an activity that you and your family can participate in. It’s a great way to enjoy summer time still while being active and social.
4. Develop a list of expectations
Clear and consistent communication about your expectations is key. Develop a list of expectations for the months to come for yourself and for your loved ones. Be sure to reward yourself for all your hard work.

5. Remember to have fun!
 Make sure to take some time in the summer and just enjoy spending time with your family and friends. Enjoy summer time activities, and create great memories that will.
Any other tips members?
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Welcome to the family Hanna.
It is a very important step that you are taking action now, congratulations!
Many people can relate to your story.  Especially for young people moving out, getting a job, going to a new city etc. it can be very challenging.  It sometimes seems that you always have to be pushing yourself.  But the truth is it does get easier.  With some work panic does not have to hold you back.  You have come to the right place. 
Have you started working your way through the program? You will find it to be a big help.  Reading over the forums will also benefit you.  You will get some tips on how to "reprogram" yourself.  In a way it is simply retraining your mind.  Trying to think positively and recognizing irrational thoughts.   Keep posting and working your way through the program.  You will find the way!
Ashley, Health Educator
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Physical Symptoms

I hear the frustration in your post as I read it and it frustrates me aswell. Especially when you say doctors say it's "only anxiety".  I think they are unknowingly doing it but they are still minimizing what anxiety is.  Anxiety is very real, with very real symptoms.  The good thing is that anxiety can be managed and controlled, you can lead a normal life. 
Have you tried any alternative therapies? Counseling,, homeopathic doctors?  There are lot of options and since you say medication is the last resort they are worth looking into.  Also, have you started working your way through the program? What do you think of it.
Keep posting on any thoughts you have.  I am looking forward to getting to know you better.
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What are Negative Core Beliefs?

Core beliefs are what you believe about yourself, others, the world and your future. The formation of our core beliefs begin when we are young and are rooted in our experiences as children and adolescents.

Our core beliefs are usually unspoken or outside of our immediate awareness. They are often accepted as 100% true and rarely examined for accuracy.

Negative core beliefs are associated with many issues such as low self-esteem, self-worth, depression and anxiety.

A negative life event can activate negative core beliefs about the self, others, the world & the future.

Some examples include …

* A lay-off from work or a break-up could result in feelings such as feeling unlovable or useless

Have you ever experienced a negative core belief? Where do you think you formed them?
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Another newbie

Welcome to the family cnstarz!
Wow, that is amazing that you were able to push yourself so much.  How do you think you managed to do it? If you were to do it again what would you do differently?
Have you begun working your way through the program? You will find it a big help to you.  If you have any questions let us know.  Also, read through the forums they are packed with information and inspiration. 
You will get through this.  It is very possible to control your panic.  Stay strong!
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Hi walrus.
Good for you for finding us. You have come to the right place.
Have you started working your way through the program.  How do you like it so far? Have you ever thought about keeping a thought journal?  It can be very helpful in pin pointing the thought process and events that can trigger panic.
I know everything seems impossible now but you will get through this.  You have all of us to lean on now.  Please post often.  We are all in this together.
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Our Healthcare System


Many of you have struggled and battled with accessing mental health services. What has been your worst experience?

If it were up to you, what changes would you make to improve access to mental health services?
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Hi James e!
Welcome to the family.  You have came to the right place!  We will be here for you whenever you need us. 
Very smart decision for coming here. You should be proud of yourself for taking steps to improve your panic.  Have you done anything else to help? Seen a counsellor? Meditation? 
You should begin by starting the program.  Many members find it very helpful, the information you gain there will be essential for you to understand your panic.  Before healing understanding must occur.  Also, read through the forums, they are full of information and inspiration.  Most importantly, post often.  You will gain new friends here.
It is hard for people to understand any form of mental illness.  Unlike physical sickness you cannot see the effects as easily.  For this reason many find trouble relating.  Here however, we understand.
Stay strong, looking forward to reading from you again soon.
Ashley, Health Educator
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constantly checking my pulse

Hi James e,
It is important to consult your doctor if you are worried about your health.  I know you are scared but he will probably be able to reassure you that nothing is wrong.  If there is something wrong it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. 
HOWEVER, understand that chest pains and heart palpitations are a very common side effect of panic.  The pain can vary in severity but in most cases if you reduce the anxiety the chest pain decreases or stops.  Worrying about the chest pain is probably making it worse. 
Has any other members experiences chest pain?
Ashley, Health Educator
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The most common anxious thought?

Hi james e,
Working through the program would be an excellent start to dealing with these anxious thoughts.  The following is a list of questions from the program that may help you to think about when you are expereincing an anxious thought:
10 Questions that Help Fight Anxious Thoughts
1.   Is it "true"?
2.   How do I know it’s true?
3.   Is the anxious thought 100% true? (Something less than 100% true is not true)
4.   What's the evidence for it being true?
5.   What's the evidence against it being true?
6.   Has it ever happened before?
7.   What's different now?
8.   How bad would it really be?
9.   What's the worst thing that could happen?
10. If the worst thing happened, how bad would it really be?
Let us know how you do with these questions.
Ashley, Health Educator