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Food for Thought (Mike Tyson fight this weekend)...

I saw this on my Facebook feed today, and despite how you may feel about Mike Tyson, it is inspiring (see below picture):



Mike Tyson is 54-years old. He was 100 lbs overweight at this time last year, and suffering from depression.

This is how Mike looked last night. Mike recently expressed that he has felt suicidal at times without boxing.

It's not the fame. Mike doesn't care about that. It's not the money. Mike owns a cannabis business that does $500,000 per month in revenues, and he is expanding this business.

He runs a highly successful podcast backed by major sponsors, and Mike has earned millions more in movies.

It's the sense of purpose. Mike went 8 rounds last night, and he was not winded at the end of the fight because boxing gives him LIFE.

The judges called the fight a draw when Mike was clearly the winner. Mike was not upset because he felt ALIVE.

We don't know the demons that others are battling. It is not "normal" for 54-year old men to enter the ring, but if boxing is what brings Mike a sense of peace, purpose, and happiness, then he should continue to box for as long as he has the ability to do so.


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