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power of positive thinking and the subconscious level

12 years ago 0 Diva2 538 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
I find that thinking can lead to visious cycles. You think negative, feel negatice, act accordingly, so you think bad thouughts....
Thing is I also see the reverse. Like a hmm virtuous cycle? I find if I think positively, I see things in a positive way and so feel more positive which in turn helps me think positively. I find getting is started and maintaining that at first very difficult and tiring. But I have noticed in the past that eventually I hit coasting speed and then it gets easier.
Btw sorry if I am a bit off topic! lol
Kim,   Thanks for sharing this story with us. The mind is a very powerful tool and can really impact our outlook.  
Brenna, Bilingual Health Educator
12 years ago 0 Kim 15 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
opps the end of the original post was cut off
Here is the rest of the post
We underwent hypnotherapy to see if my subconscious mind knew why my body has the tendency for preterm labour and loss of pregnancy (another term for a birth prior to 38 weeks).

What did we find? We found that years of talk surrounding pregnancy complications lead me to have pregnancy complications. That is was so ingrained into my subconscious that I would have pregnancy complications that I did! Ok so where id this all come from, you ask. At the age of 12 I began having issues with my reproductive system, which continued to be treated through my teen years. In my late teems, early twenties things escalated and I began looking harder for answers of what was going on. After a couple years of searching for answers I was finally diagnosed with Endometriosis. I also had abnormal pap smear and have continued to have them for 10 years, so needless to say my reproductive organs have been messed with a fair bit. I was told that I if I wanted children I should "try" sooner than later. Ok, I want children and will have children. And "if" I did get pregnant well pregnancy could be difficult. OK, but I can have babies, but pregnancy may be hard. OK I can handle that. This is exactly what came out in the hypnotherapy session. Because I wanted children so badly I did go on to get pregnant, but then fully expecting to have complications we had those as well. Now at pregnancy number 4 I want a complication free, natural, pregnancy and so far have had that. In the hypnotherapy session we then asked my body and my subconscious mind to communicate. We had first told my subconscious mind that was so fearful of complications that there was no reason to be fearful, that we need to release that fear and become free from that control. Then once we had the subconscious mind feeling good we had the subconscious discuss with my reproductive organs just how healthy and capable they are. Yes there were issues in the past but how that we had cleaned them up they were strong and able to handle a pregnancy and a full term pregnancy. We asked my body to work hard to give my mind the kind of pregnancy and delivery that my heart so badly longs for. We asked that my membranes stay healthy, strong and intact until at least 38 weeks. We asked my cervix to stay healthy, strong and closed until at least 38 weeks. Lastly we asked all the reproductive organs work together to stay strong and healthy and support each other through the pregnancy and then when the time comes at the time of labour and delivery.

So that has been the journey of this pregnancy so far. Fear-releasing and a new found confidence in my body. I know I can do this and go onto have a full term healthy pregnancy and baby that gets to be at home with its family without first spending its early weeks in NICU.
12 years ago 0 Diva2 538 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
As I said in your other thread, Thank you so much for sharing that with us! I really think it is great that the hypnotherapy is helping so much. And I agree with the sentiment you are conveying. Once again thank you.
12 years ago 0 Kim 15 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
I am sharing this story, not as it relates to depression specifically but on how it relates in general to the power of positive thinking and how we can change our outcomes and how much power we do have.  

Today I am 34 weeks and 4 days pregnant and now signs of a baby soon and so happy about this. By this point in pregnancy many women I know are counting down the days of getting this baby out of them. I am proudly counting how many days I have been able to carry this baby.

Here is some history of how I arrived to where I am today and what has helped me achieve this.

My first pregnancy was all good and uneventful until 30 weeks when I got a leak in my amniotic fluid, preterm labour started and I was 4 cm dilated before it was realized what was going on. With lots of medical interventions I was able to hold of that delivery until 35 weeks. My daughter was born healthy overall but did have a few struggles in the first few weeks so spent her first 12 days in NICU. Today at 4 she is intelligent, strong willed and a pleasure.

We went on to pregnancy number 2 and again all was well until suddenly at 16 weeks I began to bleed. Dr's could not find a reason for the bleeding and baby seemed to be doing just fine despite this. Finally at 20 weeks, after 4 weeks of bleeding on and off we lost that daughter.

Three months later I conceived again. Having now been classed as "high-risk" I was under watch for this pregnancy. Again all well until 32 weeks when again a amniotic fluid leak. Preterm labour had not started but the same precautions were taken. At 35 weeks I was induced because my uterus was showing some irritability and the DR's figured we already had one 35 weeker that turned out great so lets just deliver. I have regretted that decision ever since. My son was born and like his sister spent the early days of his life in NICU, 16 days for that little one. Now at 2 we have a joyful, rough and tumble, healthy little guy.

Now we have pregnancy number 4 and I am over 33 weeks and no sign of preterm labour, no loss of amniotic fluid. So what did we do differently? Is it just luck of the draw? Do we really have control? How much of that control is in your body? How much is in your head? How much is in the hands of the Dr's?
Everyone will pick what they believe it is but no one will know who is "right".

This pregnancy we decided to not allow the "high-risk" label. We decided to not have an OBGYN look after the pregnancy and especially not the head of our districts OBGYN which is who looked after pregnancy number 3. We opted to have my GP handle my care. We decided this pregnancy would not be a medical event and emergency since we do not think of pregnancy & childbirth that way but something natural and sacred. We began taking hypnobirthing classes early on as I discussed this with the hypnobirthing instructor in my city who has know of cases where hypnobirthing was used to help control preterm labour and hold off until a safe time to deliver. I was very intrigued. What a class to take. WOW! It is not just about pain free or less pain childbirth, it is really about positive thinking, what is normal, why we have fears, what those fears can do to us and control us, how are bodies handle fear and feel and react to fear, how our subconscious minds do to us and our life experiences and how if we can change our subconscious we can change our potential outcomes and thoughts and experiences. Not only is the hypnobirthing instructor in my city that she is also a hypnotherapist. We underwent hypnotherapy to see if my subconscious mind knew why my body has the tendency for preterm labour and loss of pregnancy (another term for a birth prior to 38 weeks).

What did we find? We found that years of talk

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